Our Mission

The score of game critics and the opinions of most platforms that work in this field are based on personal ideas and experiences from the games they have played before. This reduces the creativity and variety in the game world and not only does not help the development of today's games, but the development process of the game industry is more in the direction of "just fun" than the quality, graphics and music and content of the game.

If a reviewer doesn't earn anything from reviews, how can they guarantee their income? The answer to this question leads us to the conclusion that in the game world it is never possible to award real points.

Our main goal and mission is to create a strong platform with the right content in the most complete and fastest possible time. At the same time, no contracts are made with game companies that give their games an unfair rating. SolidGameReview is a opensource thinking platform and has never been influenced by a big company to explain and review games.