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An Immersive Adventure with If Found... – A Solid Game Review









Solid Review

If Found... is an adventure game developed by Dreamfeel and published by Annapurna Interactive. The game follows the story of a young woman who is struggling to come to terms with her past and present. Players take on the role of this woman as she travels through time and space, exploring her memories and uncovering secrets about her identity.

The game features beautiful visuals and art style, with a mix of hand-drawn and 3D graphics. The character designs are detailed and expressive, and the environments are lush and vibrant. The soundtrack is also excellent, with a mix of ambient music and sound effects that give the game a dream-like atmosphere.

Gameplay-wise, If Found... is a point-and-click adventure game. Players explore the game's world by solving puzzles and uncovering clues. There is a great deal of freedom to explore and interact with the environment, and the game encourages experimentation. The puzzles are challenging but not overly difficult, and the game has plenty of replayability.

The story and characters of If Found... are well-developed and engaging. The game follows the protagonist's journey of self-discovery as she unravels her past and confronts her present. The narrative is cleverly told using a mix of dialogue and environmental storytelling. The characters are memorable and relatable, and the voice acting is excellent.

The performance and technical aspects of the game are also top-notch. The game runs smoothly and without any bugs or glitches. Load times are quick and the frame rate is stable. There are no DRM or anti-cheat measures, so players can enjoy the game without worrying about being restricted.

If Found... is a fantastic adventure game that offers great value for money. The game is packed with content and features, and the experience is immersive and engaging. The graphics, gameplay, and story are all excellent, and the soundtrack and voice acting are top-notch. If Found... is a must-play game that is sure to delight both adventure game fans and newcomers alike.

About Characters

The character you play with in the game If Found... is a young woman named Kasio. She is an Irish-born artist living in Dublin who finds herself in an unfamiliar and surreal universe. Kasio is a dynamic and compelling protagonist, with a unique and captivating story to tell. She is inquisitive and brave, and her journey to uncover the secrets of her world is filled with unexpected twists and turns. Her characterization is nuanced and realistic, with a depth and complexity that draws the player in and keeps them invested in her story. The art style used to depict Kasio is beautiful and evocative, and the voice acting adds an extra level of immersion to her character. All in all, Kasio is a well-rounded and engaging protagonist that players will enjoy getting to know.