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Control: The Foundation - A Review









Solid Review

Control: The Foundation is a narrative-driven action-adventure game from Remedy Entertainment. Set in the strange world of the Federal Bureau of Control, the game puts players in the shoes of Jesse Faden, an outsider with mysterious powers. As Jesse, you must explore the game’s surreal environments and solve puzzles in order to uncover the secrets of the Bureau. With its captivating story and engaging gameplay, Control: The Foundation is sure to please action-adventure fans.

Graphics and Art Style: Control: The Foundation boasts impressive visuals, with detailed character models and environments. The game's art style is a mix of realism and surrealism, creating a unique atmosphere that is both eerie and inviting. The special effects are also impressive, from the strange phenomena of the Bureau to the beautiful lighting and particle effects. The visuals are further enhanced by a great soundtrack and voice acting.

Gameplay Mechanics: The gameplay in Control: The Foundation is mostly focused on exploration and puzzle solving. Players will explore the Bureau’s strange and varied environments, collecting items and unlocking new areas. Along the way, they will encounter various enemies and obstacles, which must be dealt with using Jesse’s special powers. The controls are intuitive and the game offers a challenging but rewarding experience.

Story and Character Development: Control: The Foundation has a compelling story that unfolds as you explore the Bureau. The characters are well-developed and the dialogue is engaging. The game also features multiple endings, allowing players to make different choices and experience different outcomes. This adds a great degree of replayability to the game.

Sound and Music: The soundtrack and sound effects in Control: The Foundation are top-notch. The music is atmospheric and the sound effects are realistic. The voice acting is also excellent, with some standout performances from the game’s main characters.

Replayability: Control: The Foundation has great replay value, thanks to its multiple endings and side quests. The game also features a New Game+ mode, which allows players to start the game over with their previously acquired abilities and items.

Performance and Technical Aspects: The game runs smoothly and there are no major technical issues. The load times are short and the frame rate is consistent.

Value for Money: Control: The Foundation is well worth the price, offering a long and engaging experience with great replay value.

Networking: The game does not feature any online features.

Fairuse Policy: The game does not have any DRM or anti-cheat protection.

Overall, Control: The Foundation is an excellent game that offers an engaging story and compelling gameplay. With its beautiful visuals, great soundtrack, and multiple endings, it is sure to please action-adventure fans. The game scores 8.2/10 for story, 8.3/10 for visuals, 7.2/10 for gameplay, 8.1/10 for soundtrack, 8/10 for replayability, 8/10 for performance and technical aspects, and 8/10 for value for money.

About Characters

The character you play as in Control: The Foundation is Jesse Faden. She is the newly appointed Director of the Federal Bureau of Control, tasked with regaining control of a mysterious and ever-changing Oldest House and restoring order to the secretive organization within. Jesse is a powerful and determined protagonist, with a troubled past and a strong will to succeed. Her character is built up slowly through the story, with the player learning more about her motivations and goals as they progress. The characterization of Jesse is excellent, with the player able to empathize with her struggles and her determination to succeed. Her characterization is further enhanced by the game's excellent voice acting, with the player able to feel her emotion and determination as she fights her way through the Oldest House.