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A Solid Review of Broken Lines: A Deep and Engaging Tactical RPG









Solid Review

Broken Lines is a tactical RPG developed by Portaplay and published by All in! Games that takes players into a World War II-inspired campaign. The game offers a deep story, engaging gameplay, and stunning visuals that make it a must-play for fans of the genre.

Broken Lines follows a small platoon of soldiers as they fight their way across a war-torn Europe in the 1940s. Players will have to think tactically as they manage their small squad of soldiers, using their varied abilities to survive the harsh environment and enemy forces. The game features a branching story system, allowing players to make choices that will affect the outcome of their campaign.

The gameplay in Broken Lines is deep and engaging, requiring players to think strategically as they manage their squad and take on their enemies. The game features a turn-based combat system, with each character having unique abilities that can be used to turn the tide of battle. Players will need to carefully consider their moves and plan ahead to ensure victory.

The visuals in Broken Lines are beautiful, featuring detailed environments, characters, and special effects. The game also features a dynamic soundtrack that adds to the atmosphere of the game. The audio design is top-notch, with sound effects and voice acting that help to bring the story to life.

The replayability of Broken Lines is high, with multiple endings and side quests that can be completed. The game also features an online multiplayer mode, allowing players to team up with friends to tackle the campaign.

The performance and technical aspects of Broken Lines are also solid. The game runs smoothly, with no major issues or bugs. The load times are also quick, allowing players to jump into the action quickly.

The value for money is also good, with a reasonable price tag for the amount of content that is included. The game also features a fair use policy, with no intrusive DRM or anti-cheat measures.

Overall, Broken Lines is a deep and engaging tactical RPG that is sure to please fans of the genre. With its engaging story, tactical gameplay, stunning visuals, and replayability, it's a must-play for anyone looking for an intense and rewarding tactical experience. With its solid performance and fair use policy, it's a great game that offers great value for money.

About Characters

The character you play in the game Broken Lines is Sergeant Tom Hughes, a hardened veteran of World War II. He is the leader of a rag-tag squad of misfits and outcasts, tasked with the impossible mission of defending a rural village from a mysterious enemy. His characterization is expertly done, with a gruff, no-nonsense attitude that is balanced by moments of compassion and understanding for his team. He is a complex character, often struggling with his own inner demons, and his interactions with his squad bring out the best and worst in him. Hughes is a captivating character, and his story will stay with you long after the game is finished. Solid Game Review gives Broken Lines a 9/10 for its compelling characterization of Hughes and his squad.