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Bright Memory: Infinite - A Breath of Fresh Air in the Shooter Genre 









Solid Review

Bright Memory: Infinite is the latest shooter from Chinese developer Flying Wild Hog. It’s a fast-paced and intense sci-fi shooter with a unique art style, engaging story, and intense action. It’s a game that has something for everyone, from the casual player to the hardcore shooter fan.

Graphics and Art Style:
Bright Memory: Infinite has a unique and vibrant art style. The game is set in a futuristic world where science and technology have advanced to the point of near-magical capabilities. The environments are detailed and varied, and the character designs are unique and interesting. The special effects are spectacular and really add to the intensity of the combat. The game's visuals are top-notch, and the art style really stands out. Score: 7.2/10

Gameplay Mechanics:
The gameplay mechanics in Bright Memory: Infinite are fast-paced and intense. The controls are responsive, and the game has a good balance of run-and-gun gameplay and puzzle-solving. The combat is challenging, and the player is never overwhelmed by the sheer amount of enemies. The game has a good variety of weapons and abilities, and the player is given enough freedom to experiment and find their own playstyle. Score: 7.2/10

Story and Character Development:
The story in Bright Memory: Infinite is engaging and mysterious. It follows the adventures of a scientist as she tries to unravel the secrets of a mysterious organization. The characters are well-developed, and the story is interesting and well-paced. The dialogue is well-written and the voice acting is top-notch. Score: 5.9/10

Sound and Music:
The soundtrack and sound design in Bright Memory: Infinite are excellent. The music is intense and dynamic, and the sound effects are detailed and immersive. The voice acting is well-done and adds to the overall atmosphere of the game. Score: 6/10

Bright Memory: Infinite has good replay value. The game has multiple endings, and the player can replay the game to try to unlock them all. There are also side quests and other content that can be explored. Score: 7/10

Performance and Technical Aspects:
The performance and technical aspects of Bright Memory: Infinite are solid. The game runs smoothly, with no noticeable lag or stuttering. The load times are short, and the frame rate is stable. The game also has a robust anti-cheat system, ensuring fair play for all players. Score: 8/10

Value for Money:
Bright Memory: Infinite is a great value for money. The game has a good amount of content, and the quality of the experience is high. The game is priced fairly, and it offers a lot of bang for your buck. Score: 8/10

Bright Memory: Infinite is an excellent shooter that offers something for everyone. The graphics and art style are unique and vibrant, the gameplay mechanics are fast-paced and intense, and the story and characters are engaging and mysterious. The sound and music are excellent, and the replay value is good. The performance and technical aspects are solid, and the game offers good value for money. Bright Memory: Infinite is a great game that any shooter fan should check out. Score: 7.3/10

About Characters

The character you play as in Bright Memory: Infinite is Sheila, a powerful combat specialist with a mysterious past. She is a highly skilled fighter, able to take on hordes of enemies with ease, and possesses a unique ability to manipulate electricity. Sheila is a strong and confident woman, but she also has a softer side. She has a deep emotional connection to the world around her and is driven by a desire to protect those she loves. In terms of characterization, Sheila is an incredibly well-developed character. She has a rich backstory, motivations, and relationships that make her feel like a real person. Her dialogue and interactions with other characters give her an added layer of depth. Overall, Sheila is a fantastic character and her characterization is one of the highlights of Bright Memory: Infinite.