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Blue Reflection: Second Light - A Refreshingly Fun and Engaging JRPG









Solid Review

Blue Reflection: Second Light is a refreshingly fun and engaging JRPG from Koei Tecmo, developed by Gust Co. Ltd. Players take on the role of Hinako Shirai, a high school student who has recently been granted magical powers. With these powers, Hinako can enter a world known as the Common, a realm of reflection that allows her to confront and resolve the struggles of her peers.

The game’s story is focused heavily on Hinako’s journey of self-discovery, as she learns more about her newfound powers and the friends she makes along the way. The plot is engaging and well-written, and the characters are likeable and memorable. The game also features a wide range of side quests and activities, giving players plenty of content to explore.

The visuals of Blue Reflection: Second Light are stunning, with vibrant colors and detailed character models. The environments are also well-crafted, and the game’s art style is a pleasure to behold. The soundtrack is also quite good, featuring a mix of upbeat and mellow tunes that fit the game’s tone perfectly.

Gameplay in Blue Reflection: Second Light is fast-paced and engaging. Combat is turn-based and features a unique system that allows players to chain together attacks and spells to create powerful combos. The game also features a variety of puzzles and mini-games that require players to use their wits and magic to progress.

The game’s performance and technical aspects are also solid. Load times are minimal, and the frame rate is smooth and stable. The game also features a fair use policy that prevents players from cheating or exploiting the game’s mechanics.

Overall, Blue Reflection: Second Light is a great JRPG that is sure to please fans of the genre. The story is engaging, the characters are likeable, and the visuals and soundtrack are top-notch. The gameplay is fast-paced and enjoyable, and the performance and technical aspects are solid. With plenty of content and a fair use policy, Blue Reflection: Second Light is definitely worth the price.

About Characters

The character you play as in Blue Reflection: Second Light is Hinako Shirai, a student at Hoshinomiya Girls' High School. She is a cheerful and optimistic girl with a kind heart who loves to help others. She has a strong sense of justice and is always looking for ways to make the world a better place. Her biggest strength is her determination and selflessness, which she uses to help those in need. Her greatest weakness is her lack of physical strength, which she must learn to overcome. Characterization in Blue Reflection: Second Light is excellent, with a well-developed protagonist who is easy to identify with. Hinako is a strong and relatable character with plenty of depth, and her development throughout the story is believable and satisfying. The supporting cast is also well-developed and adds further depth to the story. Overall, Blue Reflection: Second Light offers an emotionally gripping story with a compelling cast of characters.